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On any given day each of us are exposed to a multitude of harmful pollutants.  With today's toxic environment your body's tissue gives off an acid waste, allowing chemical and heavy metal residues to build up in the body faster than ever before.  This results in greater incidence of allergies, achy pains, and mental/physical incapacitation.  Today we are hearing more about herbal and homeopathic detox programs by alternative health practitioners as a way of reducing symptoms and maintaining overall health.

The Ion Cleanse provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins more effectively and faster than herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no stress to the patient.  The procedure consists of  a footbath where patients place their feet in water with an array  that creates an electrical current. This current draws out the toxins into the water, thus changing the color of the water.  Patients are amazed by the color transformations. This footbath helps to eliminate free radicals from the body allowing it to function at an optimal level, thus promoting better health.

Patients will feel no discomfort during the treatment. The color changes are obvious in the water as the toxins are being drawn out of the tissues. Healthy people will feel lighter and have a better sense of overall well-being. People with pain and headaches sometimes will have immediate relief. Patients with colds, allergies, stress symptoms, and chronic suffering usually require more treatments to feel relief.

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